Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving Sun Drop

He has a name but let's just call him 'Sun Drop.

Sun Drop

Sun Drop has kept his boat in a 'sailing mecca' for several years.

Sailing Mecca

But....Sun Drop is reaching the age where he needs to slow down from the fast pace of the Sailing Mecca. 
It was time to move...... not tomorrow..... not next 

Figuring two old guys are better than one....Sun Drop called with an offer of wine and food.

I went.

The Gettaway

Redneck Travel Lift (Trailer on a cable)

Old Men Rock!

Well sorta........never hurts to have some youth. So I brought my son Austin.
Road trip!... the good kind....a lot lizards.

OYC (Assisted Living Marina)

A new in the slow lane.

The Boat Was Neutered.

It was a painful thing to watch.
But things are looking up.....

Sun Drop Looking Up For Things
Sun Drop had a choice....

The Chastity Belt
or getting neutered.                                
I'd probably make the same choice.

Happy Hour at OYC....
Sun Drop Getting High

My!.... How things have changed for Sun Drop.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there is an Armadillo

Boating with Dory dog means you get taken for a walk at least twice daily. At the dock, no problemo, grab the leash and off she goes leading the way. At anchor, more problemo, grab the leash, grab the doggie life jacket, put dink in the water, load the pup, row/motor dink ashore, unload the pup, tie up the dink and off she goes leading the way. Then, after a good pee or two and nice poo the whole process is reversed going back to the boat. This is payback for all that unconditional love you receive. It's also good exercise and a
way to meet interesting critters and people.

A few weeks ago we encountered an armadillo on a evening walk at the marina. The armadillo was busy rooting around in the leaves and doing what armadillos do. Crossing back and forth across the road
oblivious to the world.

"Why does the armadillo cross the road?...To show the possum it can be done." In case you were wondering.

A day or two later as I was loading stuff in the truck at the marina, another boating dog owner came by with a big spotted dog. I asked about the breed  and he said "Lab - Australian Shepherd, the smartest idiot on earth".

As he was responding the dog did what dogs are supposed to do when you take them for a dog walk....he took a BIG poo.

The guy was making some excuse about not having a 'baggie' to pick up the poo when I said, "It'll give the armadillos something to eat".

"Armadillos?", he asked.

"Yep, saw one walking down the road just the other night".

"A live one?".

"Yep,......dead ones can't walk".

A few moments of silence for it to sink in....then.

"Well, nice talking to you....come on Jake".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Got My Rocna Wet.

"Anchor out", "Hang on the hook", "Raft up" and now the Lake of the Ozarks lingo... "Cove out".  There needs to be a 'marine' version of the 'urban dictionary' to keep up with all this stuff. 

Not to be outdone, I came up with my own term.  When friends ask, "What did you do last weekend?".  I just smile and say, "I got my Rocna wet".  Much cooler than just saying, "Anchored out" or "Hung on the hook".  (I have to add a note here for the uninformed. Googling 'rocna' gets you nowhere. Try 'rocna anchor'.)

So last weekend I got my Rocna wet.  Actually it's our Rocna but Julie is perfectly happy with me calling it my Rocna.

We headed to boat with the idea of doing some boat projects now that we're getting some decent weather.  I'm still learning to relax on boats. Guess I'm just a boat project kinda guy.

Before I could get started on my list, our new friends Steve and Chris from I-Dock stopped by and said they were headed up the Gravois Arm to cove out. They asked if we would like to join them. What better time to get my Rocna wet.

A couple of hours later we were anchored out, hanging on the hook, coved out with my (our) Rocna wet.

Is that a sailboat?

Chris and Steve have a really nice Hans Christian 41 that they brought to the Lake from Friday Harbor, WA.  And they like wine.

They weather was perfect and Julie got into the groove.

Reading with one arm is hard work.

Then Dory got into the groove.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

I found a few little projects to do but no one took my picture.

It wasn't long and it was wine time. Steve rowed over in his dinghy and invited us for 'sundowners' and a tour of  the S/V Fiddler's Green. Perfect end to the day.

Gave me a chance to snap a photo of Scout with my rocna wet.

Some dummy left a bumper out.

After a couple of 'sundowners', Dory was wasted.


When little doggies have to go, they have to go.     Ever see a one armed woman row a dinghy? 

                                                                  Neither have I.

What a great weekend.

Life is good!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Life In The Slow Lane

I can't tell you how great it is to be back on water. Even with temperatures over 100 most days we're getting back in the groove. Mermaid Marine Air is our is the covered slip.

Despite the weather and minor boat chores we've managed to get Scout out on the water for a few 'three hour cruises'.
Scout in Lick Creek Cove

Bilge Babe enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Remember this picture?

I can report that we are both extremely pleased with Scout's performance on the water.....and at the dock.

It's what's for breakfast.

The original Galley Maid stove/oven is the best I've ever used on a boat. Electric igniters on everything and a thermostat in the oven that actually works. Stove top rail and pot hold-downs too!

New Ultrasuede cushions to please the most discriminating of tastes.

I ain't moving.

We have had a few nice days to relax in the cockpit and enjoy life at the dock.

Jambalaya eating grin!

I'd like it better if there were squirrels.

Life is good!

Friday, August 3, 2012

We Did It!.......Finally

I just re-read my last blog.....I lied. 

We didn't launch on the Monday after removing the building.  We tried.  It didn't work.

After a couple of hours of jacking, moving blocks, jacking, moving blocks and jacking it was evident the Scout was not going to work on the trailer. Scout has a full keel and it is designed to support the weight of the boat. The trailer was not going to support the weight on the keel. I pulled the plug.

I have no pictures which is good.  I'm hoping the memories of that day fade away.

"No problem" say..... "Just find another trucker". Well think again. We're in the land of 'go fast Clorox bottle' boats. Wanna move your 35' problem. Wanna move your 30' Sundowner Tug...problem.

After a few days of calling around Missourah and getting no where, I went back to the folks that hauled Scout in four years ago.  EMI Transport.  If we have the $$$$ they have the time ( and know how). But...and BIG's the 4th of July and nothing is going to get in the way of a truckers 4th of July. Bottle rockets rule.

A date was set and we're back on go. Life is good. least better.

Excited about getting back on the water and having some time to spare before the truckers showed up. We decided to take the Whaler to the Lake for the day and  'scout' (pun intended) out the area.

BAD idea. Shit happens but it's not supposed to happen to you, right?        It happened.

When we were on the boat ramp launching the Whaler, Julie slipped, fell and shattered the bones in her wrist. We're both seasoned boat launchers and accustomed to slick ramps. We even made a few comments about the 'slick sob' right before she fell. But as I said, shit happens.

Three hospitals and a quart of morphine later Julie was resting comfortably.
Surgery was just a day away (and so were the truckers)
I am happy to report that the surgery went great. All the little screws and the metal plate have the bone fragments back where they belong.

Prognosis is good.

With truckers and surgery scheduled for the same day it seemed in my best interest to cancel the truckers.

Many, many years ago when I was leaving for a 3 week rodeo tour of Oklahoma, Texas, Lousianna, Florida and Tennessee my traveling partner was saying his goodbye to his wife who was 9 months pregnant. His parting words were..."Call me if it's a boy".....  I've tried hard over the years not to be like Leroy.

The launch date was rescheduled.  Life is good. least better.

Launch day came again and no truckers.  Truck is broke. Not sure what but it's a fuel problem.  They think.

I'm starting to think Scout wants to stay in the driveway. Bad juju everytime the word 'launch' is spoken.

Then the phone call...'we'll be there in four hours'.  Life is good. least better.

Serious pucker factor.

Professional operator on a closed course. Do not try this at home.

Here's a bit of before and after.....

Four plus years ago. Scout coming to the house.

Scout leaving.

No leaks are a good thing.

Down the fairway to the slip.

The END.....It's been a long time coming.  Part of me is glad and part is sad. Still strange to see the big empty space in the driveway.'s a boat and the boat projects will never end.

Aside from the condensation line on the AC which had to be re-routed. Everything is working as planned.  We are very happy and proud with what we accomplished. More blogs to come with Scout on the water and some of the refit projects in more detail.

I showed you Julie's wrist....wanna see my bug bite?

Saturday, June 23, 2012




Still Going



Scout gets a bath tomorrow for more pictures. Splash on Monday scheduled.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working Out The Details

I keep saying..."The END is near!"....but nobody believes me anymore.  Kinda like crying "wolf" or yelling "The sky is falling". So I'm not saying it anymore....just gunna say..."The trucker is scheduled".

Julie and I have been working through the last of the boat work and testing out the systems.

The bottom is done. The end.

Nice ass!

Engine has been run. Throttle and transmission linkage adjusted. Generator run and charging great. Bilge pumps, refrigerator, air conditioner, inverter, freezer, water system, propane, electric head, autopilot, steering system bled  adjusted, fuel system pressurized and NO LEAKS all I will can is my double flaring skills are much improved. I'm rambling here and it's almost time for wine. You get the picture...all the stuff works.

The hatch for the 'butt hold' has been a work in progress. Originally all there was for access was the Bomar hatch.  I built the rest.

Old fat guys need a bigger hole than the Bomar provided.

There's a generator hiding in there....and fuel tanks....and a water tank...and the rudder post and autopilot pump.

Big boy toys to miter the stainless trim.

Real men weld stainless.

The fun work is in the details.

"The trucker is scheduled"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Progress Update From The Amateur Backyard Boat Works.

We've been going non-stop and with Julie off for the summer and Austin home from Germany. The three of us have been kickin' some boat butt.

The bottom is done! After being sanded down to bare fiberglass a couple of years ago the bottom is dry dry dry.
Six coats of West System Epoxy were applied.

One side at time. Moving stands and blocks as we go. Wash sand wipe...wash sand wipe...

Then three coats of Interlux 3000 barrier coat were applied.

One side at a time moving stands and blocking as we go. Oh....more  sanding, washing and cleaning between coats.

Installation of the the 600 watt 12 degree sonar transducer.

Pretty close huh? Transducer is just out of the picture.

Three coats of Interlux Micron Plus red bottom paint. Complete. Pictures later.

While Austin was making his muscle available we installed the gen set. Had to use some our amateur backyard boatyard ingenuity.

Why God made tractors.

Smile Austin....the real work is about to begin.
In place! Nice to have some youthful muscle at times like this.

I'm going to stop here and go to bed.  This is not all but I'm tired.

Peace and love from the amateur backyard boat works.